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the ping color mixer

Save up to 30% of your color...
and stop sniffing fumes.

the ping by ecoheads

Mix like a pro

Mixing color in the open air is nasty. Keep the fumes locked up, your color mixing to precision, and do it without strain to your wrist. Using The Ping has changed the lives of stylists around the world, giving greater consistency, volume and 100% coverage. Plus, it saves you up to 30% on color.

the ping by ecoheads

Smooth Consistency

The Ping’s dual-set timer ensures a consistent mix every time with better chemical bondage for a smooth application and even coverage.

  • Two times – 45 and 75 seconds
  • Slow speed for liquids
  • Battery charged for mobility

One charge of the ping will last a busy stylist days and continuously give you perfect coverage every time.

The Ping Comes

Fully Equipped

The Ping mixer was built for a busy stylists and comes equipped with two blades, each secured with a magnet which makes it incredibly easy to clean and fast to swap out.

Each Ping also comes with four bowls, four brushes and a spatula to ensure every last drop is used.

your new color assistant

It’s no secret that The Ping is the MVP of the salon. In fact, he should come with a name tag to avoid salon squabbles of who he belongs to. It may not seem like it, but not mixing your color gives you the freedom to do so many things – check your messages, finish a power snack, prep your materials or client, or just enjoy some silence before the service.

Time is precious. So are you. Protect your body, your health, and your sanity.

it's time to mix like a pro

Get your new color assistant today!