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Three Tips on Using the Foiler Comb Magi Pads

Three Tips on Using the Foiler Comb Magi Pads

You've joined the thousands of stylists enjoying the speed and efficiency of the tap and foil method imagined by Procare Hair Foil. The secret to the comb is the made-for-purpose pad on the tip of the comb which has a precise amount of adhesion that it firmly picks up all types of foil, but not so sticky it tears.

Each Magi Pad last up to 200 taps on average but that all depends on how well you take care of the pad. Here are some tips on prolonging the life of each Magi Pad.

1. Don't touch it

When you touch the Magi Pad, the oils on your fingers will dull the adhesive and reduce the lifespan of the pad.

2. Keep it clean

Just like you shouldn't touch the Magi Pad, dust, hair, color, or anything that gets on the Magi Pad will slowly reduce the stickiness of the pad. The dirtier it gets, the less it will stick. If you drop it in your bowl of color, you can rinse it off and it will live again once it's dry.

3. Replace every other service

Keep your Magi Pad replacements nearby as your average full head highlight will take you just under 100 foils. If you tap each one, you're looking at replacing every other service or at minimum once a day. 

Want to stock up on Magi Pads? Snag your refill pack of 60 and keep foiling without the fumble.